Born in India but raised in Piedmont, Italy, Jyothi Aimino graduated in Grastronomic Sciences at the University of Pollenzo (Cuneo). Over the years she has had different professional experiences as for example, intern at Consorzio di Tutela e di Valorizzazione delle DOCG di Caluso, DOC Canavese e Carema (consortium for the protection and development of all the Erbaluce di Caluso DOCG variants, Canavese DOC and Carema DOC wines, being DOCG and DOC the highest Italian quality wine categories as per the Italian regulation). Currently, she’s a Commis Sommelier in Cogne (Aosta), in the restaurants of Hotel Bellevue & Spa (Relais & Chateaux) where Le Petit Bellevue was awarded a Michelin star.