L'erm is the result of Jyothi’s deep connection to her adoptive land, and her true passion for wine she developed at college.

Jyothi’s parents and grandparents have always played an important role in shaping her sense of rootedness and in 2018, the small winery of L’erm opened in Borgomasino, in the Canavese wine district (Turin area).

Since the ancient times, this land has always had a vocation for wine making and Borgomasino is located in the production districts of Erbaluce di Caluso DOCG and Canavese DOC.

‘L’erm’ means l’eremo (deserted) in the local dialect, and it refers to a deserted shed built in 1958 right in the middle of the current 7.5 acres of vines where the winery is located.

Erbaluce and Nebbiolo vineyards – the two local variants par excellence – cover almost entirely the extension of L’erm.

L’erm aims to enhance both the still little known local oenological tradition and the Borgomasino territory that has welcomed Jyothi with open arms in 1996.

The Borgomasino territory

“Borgomasino is located at 45.21.30 degrees north latitude and at 4,29.0 degrees longitude west of Rome on top of a pretty hill, on the right bank of the Dora Baltea river. Its territory extends over 1297.11.56 hectares almost entirely of diluvial soil in a Pliocene zone. Half land is on a plain, between the Dora Baltea river and the Naviglio, and it is almost fully irrigable, and the other half is on a hill. Even though the plain is fertile, east to west the hill is the real treasure of Borgomasino thanks to its many excellent wines that have always represented a great local business resource”

(Storico Antonino Bertolotti, 1869).